We Live-Streamed A Block Of Ice Melting For Over An Hour And The Comments Were Goddamn Hilarious

    This is all just one big conspir-icy.

    In the name of science, BuzzFeed India decided to live-stream a block of ice melting over 75 minutes, with a mystery object frozen inside.

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    And for the entire duration of the stream, the commenters got pretty worked up trying to guess what the block of ice was hiding.

    Seriously, for a live-stream which only had a block of ice for it's entire duration, there was ZERO CHILL.

    It wasn't long before the guesses started getting a little strange.

    But thankfully, and not surprisingly, there were a SHIT TON of ice-based puns to enjoy.

    Admittedly, we got a little carried away ourselves.

    Some eagle-eyed commenters also noticed a grotesque, melted water smiley face that I just haven't been able to unsee, and neither will you.

    A few commenters went a little more berserk than others, like Chudier...

    And Lemmy.

    There was also this guy, who was guessing quite well but then apparently started a conversation with... himself???

    Throughout the entire stream, people consistently questioned their life decisions, wondering why they were unable to peel their ice off this live-stream.

    There were also many skeptics, a lot of them being realistic 3D drawing fanatics, who refused to believe that the ice was real. "A conspir-icy," they screamed in unison.

    But FINALLY, at 1 hour, 15 minutes and 23 seconds to be precise, the goddamn block of ice gave way, and it was none other than –

    – JOOOOHN CENAAAAAAA *tantadantaaaaaaaaaan tattadantaaaaaaaaaan*

    To be fair, many people called it wayyyyyy in advance, proving once again that BuzzFeed India's commenters are just the smartest goddamn bunch.