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Here's What India Has Been Buying On Amazon This Week

We're not to be held responsible if you place a giant-ass order for Phantom Sweet Cigarettes after reading this.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is basically a cool list of stuff that's currently ~trending~.

This week, we have a cool assortment of useful gadgets and accessories for every geek out there. Indians have also been purchasing crafty quilling sets, as well as things to help you relax, like a full body massager and a pair of acupressure slippers. There's also a blast from the past which every '90s kid will want to order immediately – Phantom Sweet Cigarettes.

1. This makeup set with 24 brushes of different sizes, and a black leather carry case (₹799).

Most promising review: Honestly I was so reluctant to buy this product, but because of its cheap price I decided to give it a try. I must say, it is totally beyond expectation, the quality is really good compared to brushes which are sold in Sephora or Mac for 3,500 bucks each. – Mandy

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2. This nifty accessory which lets you manage your troublesome earphone cables at all times (₹190).

Most promising review: Extremely handy, product design as mentioned, does its job very well, very small in size, easy to carry, easy to store. It is an extremely cool accessory to use, very eye-catching particularly because of the colour. – INDRANEEL G.

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3. This collapsible accessory shelved organiser that you can hang inside your closet (₹1,199).

Most promising review: The quality of the product is fairly decent. But the organiser is much longer for the regular shirt hanging space in the wardrobe. Unless you have those large compartments for long coats etc, this product will not work. It's good for knick knacks, and children's clothing. – Sonal Kamat

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4. This 24-pack of everyone's favourite Phantom Sweet Cigarettes from back in the day (₹210).

Most promising review: The very definition of "thug life" for a 10-year-old is back! I loved these and they taste just as I remember them. Comes with a puzzle at the back of a box and a cricket card in every pack! I'd recommend it to anyone yearning for a blast from the past! – Bhargav.

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5. This lightweight body massager with six different heads that you can carry on the go (₹1,590).

Most promising review: I can safely say here the massager has the optimum weight and is not too heavy. It can be easily and single handedly operated. The build quality of this unit is simply superb. While 2/3rd of the upper portion is plastic, the lower 1/3rd portion is textured rubber to ensure proper grip and no slip operation, thereby ensuring virtually ZERO accidents from slippage and falls. – saint.soldier

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6. This crafty "quilling" tool which lets you create elaborate paper spirals to add to your decorations (₹99).

Most promising review: It couldn't have been more perfect. Delivered in a beautiful package, sealed very well and the colour was as shown in the picture. I ordered it mainly because I loved its colour over the others. And I got the same. – PRAGYA KATYAYAN

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7. This "town scroll portal" keychain which is sure to be a big hit amongst gamers, especially DotA fans (₹199).

Most promising review: Definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. It looks like something they'd sell at the TI gift shop for $20. – Arjan Singh Bhagat.

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8. This pair of slippers with acupressure points, which helps with blood circulation (₹526).

Most promising review: I have been using these slippers for the last six months. The quality has not deteriorated till now, and it provides effective acupressure therapy to all the nerves in the sole. – GAURAV KUMAR BALIYAN

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9. This multipurpose selfie-stick that also doubles up as a mini-tripod stand (₹4,278).

Most promising review: It might look expensive, but is totally worth the money. The tripod stand is strong and handy, which is good for video recording as well. – Nithin Rao Kumblekar

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10. This heavy-gauge aluminium pan with 12 non-stick cavities for cooking appam (₹550).

Most promising review: The patra is lightweight, and it sits comfortably on the stove top. The paddu (appam) were quickly cooked and were crispy with less oil. The handle is sturdy and does not heat up even after cooking for 30 minutes. – rohanchi

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11. This multi-device keyboard which works on your computer, tablet as well as smartphone (₹1,971).

Most promising review: After typing close to twenty pages on an Android tablet using this baby (not to mention the other typing I go in with it on the PC and on the phone), I can unreservedly recommend this product! The selection knob is easily its best feature. – Teju

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12. This cute and portable sewing machine that comes with a foot pedal as well (₹950).

Most promising review: Got this neat little machine so my mother could get rid of her vintage Usha machine which took up so much space in the house, and needed to turn the handle manually. The machine came with a bobbin and one spool of thread already fitted and ready for a demo stitch. – Ambar Chatterjee

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13. This virtual reality headset that is compatible with iPhones and Androids (₹2,399).

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Most promising review: Unlike the cheaper VR headsets or the cardboard ones, these come with IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance) adjusters which are very crucial for having a good VR experience, in which the images aren't doubled or cause any sort of stress. – slimsoljah

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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