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Adorable Alert: Ranveer Singh's New Best Friend Is An 80-Year-Old "Uncle" He Met At His Gym

Move over, Arjun.

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Ranveer struck up a conversation with him after seeing how badass he was, and the diligence of his new "gym uncle" now serves as motivation for the actor.

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A source told us that gym uncle's children live in the USA, and are "big fans of the actor. Ranveer has generously shot videos with their fit father and sent them across to them. And his US based fans are simply thrilled to see that their dad is a friend of their favourite actor."

"He is inspiring because of his sheer age! He is more than 80 years old and he still comes to the gym every morning," Ranveer told BuzzFeed India.

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"His workouts are super hardcore. He pushes his boundaries everyday, and he is not making a show of himself. He does it for himself and is immersed in his workout," he added.