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    31 Jul 2015

    Humans Of New York Is Interviewing The People Of Pakistan, And Here Are Some Of Their Stories

    Sometimes, a goat is just a goat.

    Humans of New York, the wildly popular photo blog started by Brandon Stanton, is currently sharing stories from Pakistan.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    It is the first of two countries that Brandon will be featuring this month on HONY.

    So far, Brandon has posted a few wonderful stories, including a conversation with this budding swimmer...

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    ...and this touching tale of a man who grew up washing dishes as a child.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    He also interviewed a member of the Awami Worker's Party, who elaborated upon the struggles of being a socialist in Pakistan today.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    The story that really takes the cake, though, is this one here.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    The comments say it all.

    Especially this one.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    Well said, Alyssa McCarthy. Well said.

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