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13 Indian Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You To Get Off Your Ass And Get Fit

So that double-tapping isn't your only form of exercise.

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1. @nidhimohankamal

This weight loss and fitness expert posts helpful workout videos , as well as healthy foods that help you maintain that physique.

2. @devrathdv

Devrath Vijay is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and he loves instagramming everything from core training to crazy handstands.

3. @shwetarathore13

Shweta's relentless dedication to bodybuilding resulted in her winning a bronze medal at last year's World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship.

4. @kumarmannava

This seriously buff dude, who now works a fitness trainer, uses his Instagram to discuss the correct techniques needed to nurture your pecs.

5. @sonali_swami

Okay, not only is Sonali 39 years old and fit AF, but will you believe me if I told you she is also a mother of two? Believe it.

6. @milindrunning

The actor was in the news recently for successfully completing the Ironman Triathlon, and his Instagram is proof of the work he put in for the gruelling journey.

7. @yasminkarachiwala

Yasmin is a celebrity fitness trainer who has worked with the likes of Katrina Kaif and Arjun Rampal, and is out to change the way India thinks about fitness.

8. @prashantsixpack

The owner of Body Sculptor, Prashant Sawant has helped train Varun Dhawan, Ajay Devgn and Shahrukh Khan, amongst others. Now that's legit.

9. @bombaybliss

Although this is technically the handle for a fitness studio, their Instagram is full of useful tips and inspirational messages from fellow fitness freaks.

10. @shvas_tba

Anuj Vats' Instagram account is an homage to his dedication to CrossFit and working out, along with his love for parkour and power yoga.

11. @natashanoel001

This Mumbai based yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger will leave you spellbound with her various asanas.

12. @thevinodchanna

Vinod Channa is one of India's top fitness consultants. He likes posting short videos of quick workouts which you can do wherever the hell you want.

13. @namratapurohit

According to her website, Namrata is the youngest stott pilates instructor in the world. This young lady also teamed up with her dad to train the Mumbai City Football Club last year.

Now get inspired and work that body, people!