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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    13 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning If You're An Indian Student

    Wanna bunk?

    1. Rubber

    Actual meaning: A tough elastic polymeric substance, either synthetically produced or made from the latex of a tropical plant. Also, a condom.

    To an Indian student: An eraser. Almost exclusively non-dust. Which is perfect for chucking at your buddies when the teacher isn't looking.

    2. Chiller

    Jishnu Nandy Photography / Via

    Actual meaning: A person who is way cool. Or, you know, a fridge.

    To an Indian student: The exact amount of change necessary to buy you some of these delicious things right after school.

    3. Bunk

    Actual meaning: A narrow shelf-like bed, typically one of two or more, arranged one on top of the other.

    To an Indian student: The act of skipping class, useful for sneaking into someone else's P.T. period. Some would say it's an art-form.

    4. Flames

    Actual meaning: Hot glowing bodies of ignited gas, generated by something on fire.

    To an Indian student: A foolproof method to decide whether you're going to marry Pooja or Karishma when you grow up.

    5. Boards

    Actual meaning: Some long, thin planks of wood.

    To an Indian student: The single most crucial time of your life. Till your next Boards. And your first job. And your wedding. No, this is definitely the most crucial.

    6. Tuition

    Actual meaning: A sum of money charged by a college or university for education.

    To an Indian student: An extra class you take outside school where you learn literally the exact same things.

    7. Mugging

    Actual meaning: An act of attacking and robbing someone in a public place.

    To an Indian student: A memorising technique employed when your biology textbook stops making any sense whatsoever and there are eight hours left for your exam.

    8. Weekend

    Actual meaning: Saturday and Sunday, especially regarded as a time for leisure.

    To an Indian student: The days of the week where you have no school, which frees up your schedule to attend more tuition classes.

    9. Scholar

    Dharma Productions

    Actual meaning: A specialist in a particular branch of study.

    To an Indian student: Anyone who remotely understands what the hell is going on in physics class. They may be also classified as "nerds" if they refuse to share notes.

    10. Clipboard

    Actual meaning: A small board with a spring clip at the top, used for holding papers and providing support for writing.

    To an Indian student: A small board perfect in size for covering your cheat-sheet of algebraic gibberish.

    11. Criss Cross

    Actual meaning: A pattern of intersecting straight lines or paths.

    To an Indian student: The reason you and your bench-mate never got any learning done while in class and had to take extra tuitions.

    12. D

    Actual meaning: The fourth letter of the English alphabet.

    To an Indian student: What you call a protractor, because you couldn't be arsed to use such a big ass word for such a tiny ass thing.

    13. Cricket

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    Actual meaning: A sport. And a bug.

    To an Indian student: The only reason it's completely appropriate for everyone in school to mass-bunk. Including the teachers.

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