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This 11-Year-Old's Incredible Snarky Puppy Drum Cover Will Blow Your Mind

Raghav Mehrotra: nailing drum rolls, winning hearts.

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11-year-old Raghav Mehrotra just uploaded this incredible drum cover of "What About Me?", a song by American instrumental fusion band Snarky Puppy.

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If you haven't heard the original, here it is so you can see just how good this kid is.

It's hard to believe that even at such a young age, he can make it look so effortless.

Raghav Mehrotra

He's also got some other drum covers on his YouTube channel, including "Caravan" from the Whiplash soundtrack, and a face-melting version of "Zomby Woof" by Frank Zappa.

You know you're going to go places if you're not even a freakin' teenager and you've got A.R. Rahman talking about you.

Welcome to the music club, young chap ✋

Raghav Mehrotra: nailing drum rolls, winning hearts.

Raghav Mehrotra