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    Updated on 2 Sep 2020. Posted on 4 Nov 2015

    This Leaked Video Shows A Reporter Offering A Boy Money In Return For A Staged Interview

    The video allegedly shows an Aaj Tak reporter bribing a kid with money to purchase liquor, in order to get an anti-BJP statement.

    Last week a video surfaced online of a Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister kicking a homeless child who was in her way.

    Now a video has surfaced this morning in which a reporter holding an Aaj Tak microphone prepares to interview the child from the incident.

    The video reveals the reporter prompting the child with statements, urging him to demand compensation for his education from the minister who kicked him.

    Speaking in Hindi, the reporter offers the boy money to buy alcohol in return for the desired statement.

    A few hours after the video surfaced, Aaj Tak released this statement, clarifying that the reporter was a stringer who has now been terminated.

    Official statement by @aajtak on clip being circulated on social media.

    The video has met with widespread outrage online, propelling "Aaj Tak" into India's trending topics.

    #Shame on you #Aajtak I will think a thousand times before changing the channel to #AajTakExposed

    #NautankiNews Aaj Tak should be banned right now.

    Aaj Tak journo bribes beggar with alcohol to parrot a statement created by him. How do we trust reports from Aaj tak now?

    And because this is the internet, the trolling has also commenced in full glory.

    Dear Aaj Tak I will say whatever you want on camera for free beer.

    Aaj Tak Tagline ➡ "Advertisers pay for news , Advertisements are complimentary"

    Watch the full video here:

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