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20 Things Bengalis Are Tired Of Hearing


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1. "Oh, you're Bengali? AAMI TOMOKE BHOLO BHASHI."

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That makes one of us.

2. "Rosgoolla khabe?"

That's not even how you say it. But now that you've brought it up...sure, I'll have one!

3. "Speaking of which, your sweets are waaaay too sweet."

Don't eat them, then. More for us. Heh heh.

4. "Hey, you're a Bengali, right? Sing me a Bengali song! Come on, do it!"

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Sure thing. Slide a coin into my ass and turn my left ear clockwise three times.*

*Please do not do this in real life.

5. "You must be really good at playing guitar and writing poetry too, right?"

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Some of us are, yes. But Bengalis are pretty BAMF in general, tbh. #HumbleBrag

6. "Maach khabe?"

Okay, seriously. You do know that Bengalis do other things than eat, right?

7. "Speaking of which, how do you tolerate that smell of fish? It's so...smelly."

We have an exhaustive supply of clothespins.
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We have an exhaustive supply of clothespins.

8. "Hey! You're both Bengali! Talk in Bengali na. Please, please. Just a little."

Adult Swim


Bengali 1: "Ei kuttar baccha ta ke dekh."

Bengali 2: "Jaa taa bole shaala."

Spectator: What a sweet language!

9. "I don't get why you guys make such a big deal out of Durga Puja."


10. "And what's up with all the ULULULULULULU?!"

What's up with you being such a foolulululululu?!

11. "You guys sure do pig out a lot during Durga Puja."

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Don't even go there.

12. (To Bengali guys) "Wassup, Devdas?"

Imaan Sheikh/ BuzzFeed/ SLB Films

BRB, forgot my bottle of sharaab.

13. (To Bengali girls) "Hello, Paro!"

Imaan Sheikh/ BuzzFeed/ SLB Films

Hey Devdas, pass some of that sharaab to me too, will you?

14. "Why does everything you say sound like hosho, mosho, posho?"

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I'm going to slap you. Fo sho.

15. "Wait, how do you pronounce your name again?"

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The exact same way I pronounced it the last 12 times.

16. "So, if your name is Souvik, then why in the world is your nick-name Buntu?!?!" / Via

This is something we've been trying to answer for years, people. Give us some more time.

17. "You're bong, right? So, do you really like bongs? Like...bongs bongs? Hehehe."

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I'm Bengali, not unemployed.

18. "These are pani puris. Why do you keep calling them poochka? Lol."

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If you've never had some poochka, my friend, the joke's on you.

19. "Oh, you don't live in Kolkata? So you're not reaaaally Bengali, are you?"

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You can take the Bengali out of Bengal, but good luck to you if you're trying to do the opposite.

20. "Ah, well, I never liked Kolkata much anyway."

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