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20 Things Bengalis Are Tired Of Hearing


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2. "Rosgoolla khabe?"

That's not even how you say it. But now that you've brought it up...sure, I'll have one!

3. "Speaking of which, your sweets are waaaay too sweet."

Don't eat them, then. More for us. Heh heh.

4. "Hey, you're a Bengali, right? Sing me a Bengali song! Come on, do it!"

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Sure thing. Slide a coin into my ass and turn my left ear clockwise three times.*

*Please do not do this in real life.


6. "Maach khabe?"

Okay, seriously. You do know that Bengalis do other things than eat, right?


9. "I don't get why you guys make such a big deal out of Durga Puja."


10. "And what's up with all the ULULULULULULU?!"

What's up with you being such a foolulululululu?!