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17 Times India Almost Got It Right

You were so close.

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1. Hey. Everyone fails.

@lookatthisindian / Via

2. But at least we come close.

3. Sometimes, we get reaaaally close.

Kedar Kulkarni / Via

4. And sometimes, we're a great dicetence away.

Annie / Via

5. It doesn't always work out.

@hus_cool / Via

6. Or does it?

7. We're sorry if we've ever been misleading.

8. And for any false advertising.

9. Everyone's porn to the occasional mistake.

Rashi Verma / Via

10. We're just trying to keep things child out over here.

11. So take things in good humour.

12. Relax and treat yourself to some good old Italy samber.

13. Because life can sometimes be hard.

Urban Asian / Via

14. It can be a real battle.

A. Rouse / Via

15. Like a jig jagging maze.

Siddharth Nair / Via

16. Okay, no. No. This is just. NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Aditya Rajput / Via

17. Oh, well. We try.