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The 13 Types Of People You Need To Avoid At All Costs During Diwali

May a thousand curses befall the boss who gives you mithai instead of a bonus.

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5. The people who give you blessings instead of cash when you touch their feet.

I run the risk of chronic lumbago every damn year to pay respects to you, and you give me good wishes? You're getting a high five next year, tops.

7. The early morning cracker-happy jerkface.

As if ruining your Diwali wasn't enough, these people decide to burst the leftover crackers the next morning. Leave an anonymous note at their doorstep suggesting they move.


9. The scientists.

These mavericks aren't satisfied with the usual Diwali fireworks, and want to experiment by throwing sutli bombs up in the air and all that other daredevil nonsense. Hazardous to birds and your peace of mind.

10. The house which basically looks like the sun.


These people always deem it fit to adorn their entire house with blinding lights every night, all night. If only this were the festival of blinding light. And triggering seizures.

11. The druncles.

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These are the people who think the only way to drink a quarter is bottoms up, and then consider it completely normal to make inappropriate comments at everyone they can find.

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