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This Pro Runner Lost A Race In Bengaluru After A Stray Dog Attacked Him Mid-Race

What happened to him was just pawful.

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Mulle Wasihun is an Ethiopian runner who competed in Monday's TCS World 10K run in Bengarulu. These victorious images are NOT from that race.

Thomas Samson / AFP/Getty Images
Thomas Samson / AFP / Getty Images

After leading most of the 10K run, Wasihun took a wrong turn. By the time he was back on track, he had lost a lot of precious time.


"International Marathon" in Bengaluru! Wasihan was leading to win! A street dog bit near VidhanSoudha He lost it!

Observe how HELLBENT this dog is on showing Wasihun what happens to fast moving objects on Indian roads.

Wasihun eventually finished ninth, and people took to Twitter and Reddit to talk about the sheer oddity of the situation.

And because it's the internet, a few jokes just HAD to be cracked.

Twitter: @jstjoking / r/india

Meanwhile, the race organisers acknowledged the incident, but essentially also added a "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" at the end.