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After His Daughter's Rape And An Attack That Claimed His Limbs, This Man Sings For Justice

"I have my voice. They can't stop my songs."

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In 2000, Singh's minor daughter was raped by upper-caste men. He ignored threats and bribes to take them to court, which resulted in the conviction of three culprits in 2004.

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It was a momentous verdict for the region, as it was the first time a Dalit who had complained against upper-caste violence had managed to secure a conviction.

In 2006, while returning home one evening, Bant Singh was assaulted by a gang of seven men who beat him brutally, breaking both his arms and legs.

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When Singh was found, he was barely alive. After being taken to a hospital, he survived, but both his lower arms and a leg had to be amputated as a result of the injuries.

Watch the video, which concludes with a soulful performance by Bant Singh:

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