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Rishi Kapoor On Twitter Is Exactly Like Any Of Our Dads

"This DP of mine is as old as the dinosaur"- @chintskap

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This is Rishi Kapoor, Bollywood heartthrob of yesteryear, and for the young'uns, Ranbir Kapoor's father.

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Apart from being a Bollywood legend, Rishi Kapoor also happens to be one of the coolest dads around, including on Twitter.

PUNIT PARANJPE/ Afp / Getty Images

Scratch that. Especially on Twitter.

Good news. After CM Phadnis cancels the DP and Hawking plan, he exempts booze too. Now Maharashtra can have TARBOOZE and KHARBOOZE freely!

This DP of mine is as old as the dinosaur.Sorry will replace in time coming.(There are some who think I am same and I am tickled pink)

Rishi Kapoor is straight up one of the most hilarious papas online.

OMG. My own son has a double!!! Promise cannot make out. A good double

And he says and does the cutest "dad things."

Early morning observation. Don't understand people.They call the ruling PM by his name and a wannabe PM's name with a Ji. Sab "hazriji" lol!

Showed my tweet to the manager. Refused to give the bill.Think I will make Food Review my profession. Adios acting and Films.This is better!

Right from the cringefully funny forwards you're used to receiving on your WhatsApp.

Two women in convo: 1st-You lost weight na? 2nd- No I put on yaar! 2nd-You put on weight na? 1st- No I lost yaar! Just accept the truth na!

To moaning about how good things used to be back in the day.

Heard a constipated male version of the song "Phoolon ka taron ka"from the film "Hare Ram Hare Krishna"on cricket breaks? Sorry for Pancham

He's even got the whole uploading embarrassing childhood photos of you down.

What is unique in this picture?In my living room,on the left side on the floor,is a young Ranbir reading comics.

But he also does it to himself.

Confession.The only co star(tried thrice)with whom I did not make a successful film.And what a co star!Sorry Madhuri!

In fact, he loves making fun of his kid and his buddies, just like any other dad on social media.

Bach ke rahiyo Ranbir and colleagues. Here comes dynamite!

And he too hopelessly falls for those trolly phone messages.

.@chintskap Rishi sir this is my uncle who passed away last year he was a big fan plz RT would mean a lot to him

Yup, he retweeted it.

Sometimes, it's a little hard to understand what he's trying to tell you....

So that gentleman and Mr.Bean ka ganne ka juice is Rishi Kapoor - me thinks!

The internet can be a confusing place.


If a man wrongs the PUNCTUATION then a woman gives a powerful PUNCHUATION! Dishhoommm!


Happy Easter,Bunnies! Time for the carrots to work on rabbits lol

And sometimes, he can't quite comprehend the new generation's antics.

Why do male/female actors wear dark sun glasses in the NIGHT specially at parties and airports where media hang around? Someone tell me this

Hear hear!How can someone ask you for a selfie when u at the airport public lavatory doing your job?And then they say I am rude and arrogant

But just like any other good old dad, he usually has the answers to life's hardest questions.

Had a fight with Neetu last night. She doesn't understand that I am very scientific specially in the night after 8.

People, Rishi Kapoor is the cutest Twitter dad ever.

Surely have lost weight since then yaar. Ab itna bhi naheen maro mujhe!

And finally, and most importantly, THIS.

Another thing. I am Not and repeat NOT Ranbirs Post Box that you can drop messages or post them. Thank you,I remain yours truly-Rishi Kapoor