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    Gordon Ramsay Lists His Top 5 Indian Dishes

    "That's fucking delicious" – Gordon Ramsay/Everyone who has ever had Indian food ever.

    Chef Gordon Ramsay just revealed his top 5 Indian recipes in a new video, and it features some classics, as well as some unusual ones.

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    Ramsay has discussed Indian cuisine many times on television, so it's a no-brainer that he has his very own take on the chicken tikka masala.

    Gordon Ramsay

    But he also lists some highly unexpected dishes, like this chutney made from red ants and their eggs, that's surprisingly spicy and awesome.

    Gordon Ramsay

    Then there's an interesting recipe for spicy potato pancakes, which are essentially a delicious stuffed dosa with the aloo masala rolled up inside.

    Gordon Ramsay

    There's also this irresistible preparation of slow-cooked pork neck curry.

    Gordon Ramsay

    And of course, the list had to have biryani, so Ramsay recounted his experience making authentic goat biryani when he was in India.

    Gordon Ramsay

    Watch him explain all the recipes here:

    View this video on YouTube

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