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    This Tiger’s Stripes Spell Out “Cat” Because The World Is A Beautiful Place


    Ours is a world that is filled with deception, treachery and misinformation.

    (Donald Miralle ; STR/AFP ; Frazer Harrison) / Getty Images

    With a little research, one can easily deduce that all the three so-called "tigers / tygas" in the above images are, in fact, humans.

    This cat, after some minor research, also reveals itself to be not a cat.

    But in such a world, despite all the lies, exists Munna the tiger. Notice anything odd about him?

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    No? Okay, let's zoom in a wee bit. How about now?

    Sarosh Lodhi/ Hotspot Media

    Still no?

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    WHA. How about now?

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    (Hint: His forehead says cat how have you not seen it yet.)

    If you STILL can't see it, I've circled it here. And yes, Munna was born with the word "CAT" spelled out on his forehead.

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    This is amazing, because in this world filled with deceit, you know who doesn't lie? MUNNA. AKA CAT.

    Sarosh Lodhi / HotSpot Media

    AKA The Trendsetter That Inspired Modi's Suit.

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    AKA A Nametag With Identity Crisis.

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    AKA the Jason Derulo Of Large Feline Predators.

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    AKA "What Do You Mean You Need To See Some ID?"

    Sarosh Lodhi / Hotspot Media

    AKA NOT This Fake-ass Apple.

    P.S: If you genuinely wanted information about the cat, Munna is 14 years old. He resides in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh. And his stripes say "Cat".

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