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Russell Brand Visited Some Slums And Came Back With An Amazing Story

Feels train pulling into Mumbai right now.

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Comedian Russell Brand took time out to visit some children in the slums during his latest trip to India. He ended up with a really sweet story to tell.

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While he was in Mumbai, Russell decided to go out to one of the slums and do something nice for the kids there.

As he was distributing chocolates to the children who had gathered around him, things started to get a tad chaotic.

Amidst of all the confusion, Russell realised that someone had taken his phone from his pocket.

However, just a little later, a young boy, who had apparently retrieved Russell's phone, came back and returned it to him.

Russell claims that it was very clear to him that the young boy expected absolutely nothing in return.

He also believes the boy's actions can teach us a little something about the "human code".

Young man, whoever you are, thank you for restoring our faith in humanity.

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