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    18 Things You'll Never Know Unless You Went To Boarding School In India

    You're SCARY GOOD at hiding stuff from wardens, and even your own roommates.

    1. Your boarding school has its own unique lingo that only you and your schoolmates, and literally nobody else, understand.

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    2. You (eventually) become a freakin' expert at grooming yourself.

    3. You have no inhibitions or self consciousness anymore, because living with your friends for so long means you've seen it all.

    4. You learn how to cut good deals with everyone when it comes to food.


    "Let me have your pastry today, and you can have my dessert on Friday. Promise."

    5. But there's that one day of the week everyone looks forward to, because that's the day the school canteen really outdoes itself.



    6. And when nothing else works out, you know you've got the trusty tuck shop to save the day.

    7. Not to mention any of the other contraband you might have hidden away in your very own "secret stash."


    Ain't nobody know where my Maggi packets are at but me.

    8. Speaking of which, you're SCARILY GOOD at hiding stuff from the wardens, and even your own roommates.

    Ask and borrow my conditioner if you want, but if I find it missing I'M GONNA CUT A BITCH.

    9. You're extremely adept at passing around scandalous messages and setting up secret rendezvous to get cosy with someone.

    10. But we all fail sometimes.

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    11. Your skills at smuggling goodies into the school would make Pablo Escobar proud.

    12. You're extra-friendly to day-scholars in class, because they're your medium to get stuff in and out of school.


    13. And you're always battle-ready for any impending raids.

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    14. You may detest a few people in your dorm, but learning to live with people you hate turns you into a beacon of patience.

    15. You follow your senior's orders to the tee...

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    16. Knowing full well that your time as a senior will also come, and then life will be wonderful again.


    17. There are times when you really miss home, especially your ghar ka khana. So every time you go back, you appreciate the little things tenfold.

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    18. But even then, it's not all that bad. Because you and your boarding school mates are basically the tightest, most fun-loving family ever.

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