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    15 Interns Who Have Probably Been Fired By Now

    Everyone blames those poor souls.

    1. This intern, who isn't a very big fan of popular '60s music.

    2. The intern who now has a brand new watch and some much needed closure.

    3. This intern, who's big on using sporting language.

    4. This intern, whose nifty fingers never let him down while switching Twitter accounts.

    5. The intern who confused the Chinese State Councilor for a convict.


    6. This intern, who may as well have placed an ad for his replacement.

    7. This highly feminist Volkswagen intern.

    Dear VW, how utterly stupid of you to spend $$$ on mass media campaign & stuff it all up by hiring a moron for ur SM.

    8. The intern who now knows how screenshots work.

    9. The intern who turned "NDTV Good Times" into "NDTV Not Quite Happy With My Job Profile In These Times."

    I feel for the person who tweeted this. @ndtv

    10. This intern with excellent proofreading experience.

    Excellent work there, kiddo.

    11. This intern with copy pasting skills to die for.

    @SkullcandyIndia @Social_Samosa #SocialMediaBlooper #2014

    12. This intern who needs the answers to life's important questions.

    13. The intern who can "like" tweets.

    14. This intern, who has done his homework on India's national icons.

    15. And this intern, who realised the hard way that you can't delete stuff off a newspaper.

    You had one job, dude.