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This Guy's Insane Beatboxing Skills Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Warning: You might not be able to handle the bass drop.

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Everyone, meet Nagesh Reddy. Nagesh, everyone.

Don't worry, people. This is pretty much how Nagesh introduces himself IRL.

Nagesh is a 20-year-old Mumbai resident, and his Instagram account is home to some of the most insane beatbox performances you will hear.

Nagesh told BuzzFeed India, “I started beatboxing three years ago, when I was looking for some food-related videos on YouTube or something."


"Instead, I found a video by The Fat Boys, who are beatboxing pioneers. I was immediately hooked.”

That is literally the best “how it all began” story I have heard in my life.

Apart from the mind-melting drops and the face-scrunching liprolls, Nagesh’s Instagram account is awesome because he beatboxes whenever and wherever the hell he wants.

Like when he's sitting bored at the airport.

Or when he's just returned from his workout.

When there is no water at home.

When he's sitting by the river on a hot day and he wonders why he would do such a thing.

When he's doing his business.

When it's 4 a.m. Because why the hell not?

Even when he just wants to say a simple, courteous "fuck you" to someone special.

Basically, Nagesh Reddy is a goddamn beast.


Do yourself a favour and follow Nagesh on Instagram here.