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15 Unfortunate Names Only Desis Will Find Funny

These poor souls haven't a clue.

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1. Poor Ben.

2. Poor Bas.


3. Poor John.

4. Poor Lisa.

5. Poor Kaka.

Claudio Villa / Getty Images

6. Poor Niki.

7. Poor pizza guy.

8. Poor Nani.

Francisco Leong / Getty Images

9. Poor researchers.

@n40369 @gcreddy50 @HinduRajyam @TarekFatah pakistani Research and development international, R.A.N.D.i ha ha ha ha

10. Poor family.

11. Poor Eugène.

12. Poor Juan.

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13. Poor Diane.

14. Poor Mohammed.

GLYN KIRK/AFP / Getty Images

15. And poor entire freakin' city.