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    13 Refreshing Rappers Every Indian Needs To Check Out Right Now

    Don't stop the beat.

    1. Naezy

    Facebook: 907688192598417

    This Mumbaikar's innovative style of Hindi rap is quickly making him one of the most well-known artists on the scene.

    2. Brodha V

    A former member of rap group Machas With Attitude, Brodha V has been around for a while, and it still going strong.

    3. Kaly

    Born to immigrant parents, Kaly has been representing his roots in the U.S., and he keeps getting better and better.

    4. DopeadelicZ

    This multilingual rap group prides themselves on producing "dope content". Literally.

    5. Heems

    Born in New York, Himanshu Kumar Suri is of Punjabi descent. He originally found fame as part of the group Das Racist, but now has his own unique sound.

    6. Lil B

    Let's just give the award for the sickest Kannada verse ever dropped to this guy already, shall we?

    7. Divine

    Facebook: 525074987556453

    Divine burst into the limelight when he won Best Rap Artist at the 2014 Radio City Freedom awards. His socially relevant lyrics have been making waves ever since.

    8. Hard Kaur

    Facebook: officialhardkaurworld

    Hard Kaur has been going strong as one of the few female artists in the genre since the mid-2000's.

    9. Humble The Poet

    Facebook: HumbleThePoet

    A Toronto resident, Kanwer Singh started releasing his own tracks on YouTube way back in 2008. You may know him from the massively popular tracks he has recorded with YouTuber IISuperwomanII.

    10. Bohemia

    Facebook: realbohemia

    Bohemia's Punjabi rap has been recognised in various parts of the world, which has also landed him a collab with international artist Sean Kingston.

    11. Raftaar

    Facebook: Raftaarmusic

    You have to check out how well he channels his inner Busta Rhymes. I mean, his name literally means "speed".

    12. Badshah

    Vidur Luthi / Via Facebook: OfficialBadshah

    Although he's been part of the scene for quite a while, his new track "DJ Waley Babu" has put Badshah back on the map, and how.

    13. BlaaZe

    His meaningful lyrics and characteristic diction have been recognised by the likes of A.R. Rahman, who has collaborated with the rapper multiple times.

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