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Before "Lean On", A 20-Year-Old Diplo Visited India For Very Different Reasons

Just goes to show that everybody starts somewhere. Oh, and that Diplo is the nicest guy ever.

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But Major Lazer's Diplo just revealed how this wasn't the first time he had been to India.

In a Facebook post, the musician shared how he visited India to help in the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquakes, when he was only 20 years old.

Facebook: diplo

He spoke about how he also took time out to explore India over the next 5 months, trading his belongings for an old Enfield motorcycle which he rode around the country.

"This was 15 years ago and India was just starting to explode into an industrial powerhouse. It felt like cities were literally growing out the ground", he added.

"Between all this I traveled with a small keyboard and speaker to play and make music," he said in reference to the image he shared.

"I listened to albums under a mosquito net at night and dreamed of coming back again. I never did until 15 years later on stage as Major Lazer 🇮🇳"