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Let's All Congratulate Twitter On Not Verifying Kamaal R. Khan

You're doing a fine job, guys.

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And this.

This Ajith looks like old security guard so how can south people accept him as hero? The hell with their choice.



Hey @karanjohar I already bought a bottle of Saande Kaa Oil so let's have date soon. I can do for 1.5 Hours continue so you will enjoy it.

Aaaaaaand this.

So @sonamakapoor is against #PornBan means she is watching porn films everyday. Lol! Sonam Ji Ki Jai Ho.

Interestingly, the man is trying hard to get the coveted blue tick.

Thanks to @twitter @TwitterIndia @rsjaitly for suspending my parody accounts n not verifying my account.

Really hard.

I hate twitter because they don't verify me. They are treating me like #2RsPeople


Twitter is big crazy. I should tweet 24*7 and then only they will verify my account. What a joke?

Now twitter should verify my account. If still they don't want to do then I shall block Twitter itself.

Maybe a bit too hard.

Mr. #Twitter I give you one week to verify my account n if you will not verify then I shall leave twitter forever.

OK seriously someone stop this guy for safety purposes.

Can somebody give me office address of twitter india? I think They will not verify my account without few bullets firing in their office.


For obvious reasons, not verifying him seems like a sound idea.

Karan Johar will get marry with Anurag Kashyap on 15th may coz Anurag will become Hathiyarless on that day n become same like Karan Johar.

And in case you'd like to contribute to the cause, we're going to leave this here.

Pls RT this if you want me to quit #Twitter forever.

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