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19 Hilarious Things People Actually Do To Fall Asleep

From head-butting to pimple popping to... chainsaws?

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their strangest sleeping habits. Here are some of the best, most insane responses.

1. This lover of small things.

Watching videos on youtube of people cooking miniature food on a little stove with mini utensils. It makes me so zen.

Submitted by Destiny McCoy on Facebook.

2. This Kylie Jenner impersonator.

sometimes i envision that i've body-swapped with Kylie Jenner and she keeps trying to get her body back while i'm spending all her money. usually puts me to sleep pretty fast. it helps if you have a kind of back story. like, why do you want to be her? can you convince your family that you're her? and have some kind of idea where you want it to go. idk how many times ive just been wasted with Khloe making fun of Kim. its so entertaining.

Submitted by clarac4c67746e6.

3. This extremist.

I put A 535 back rub on my eyes so that they burn and I can't open them. Then I fall asleep.

Submitted by kristao4ed27e860.

4. The biggest fan of The Simpsons the world has ever seen.

Sex or watch the Simpsons, sometimes both.

Submitted on Facebook by Bosley McGillan.

5. This right-angled triangle.

I sleep with my legs up the wall and my back on my bed, width way on the bed.

Submitted by charlieallen.

6. This thinker of nice, happy and calming thoughts.

I imagine myself in horror scenarios, like being stuck in a mental asylum with a man and a chainsaw.

Submitted by amazingthorqueen.

7. This ruthless pimple hater.

I have to watch YouTube videos of pimple popping.

Submitted by katieo41102eaa2.

8. These serial jigglers.

I jiggle myself to sleep. My husband is so used to it. Even he does it now.

Submitted by sallyb489ea6d1f.

9. Santa Claus.

I play Christmas music year-round while I am trying to fall asleep.

Submitted by aliviaw.

10. This head-butter in denial.

My boyfriend 'used to' lie on his front and repeatedly head-butt his pillow (I don't understand how that would help either but apparently it worked!!)…he doesn't do it to fall asleep anymore but I've caught him doing it a few times in the early hours when he's already asleep, he doesn't believe me when I tell him though!

Submitted by nikkit4785367b8

11. This insect.

I lay on my side and rub my legs and feet together like a cricket until I fall asleep… It drives people nuts when we have to share a bed haha.

Submitted by sydneyelainea.

12. This realist.

Fine, I'll say it...MASTURBATION FTW!

Submitted on Facebook by Bryan White.

13. This accidental beautician.

This is a little weird, But I pluck my eyebrows. They look nice AF now, Because before I could never find the time to do it.

Submitted by Anna Barnett on Facebook.

14. This person who has probably stumbled upon a lucrative career choice.

In my head, I choreograph dances to Michael Jackson's "man in the mirror" no clue why it works, but after years of troubled sleeping, I have hours of dance moves just ready to be performed.

Submitted by meganm445386a84.

15. This unsure adventurer.

I picture myself falling slowly into a really dark hole ?

Submitted by mattied2.

16. Joaquin Phoenix from Her.

I'll have a full out conversation with Siri until the monotone voice makes me pass out.

Submitted by ead5555.

Annapurna Pictures

17. This prime number enthusiast.

If I can't get to sleep, I will count prime numbers. I hate, hate, hate math, barely squeaked through grade 9 math, and it's so boring, it puts me right out. I usually start at about 133 and I'm down way before I get to 201.

Submitted by Marion Goriak on Facebook.

18. The person responsible for this George R.R. Martin meets J.K Rowling fantasy.

I make up fantasies in my head.
So one night I'll be hunting with the Winchesters, others I'll be chilling with Jaqen H'Ghar in Game of Thrones, or sometimes I may be getting it on with Draco Malfoy. *happily sighs*
(Sometimes acting them out whilst laying down helps.)

Submitted by bamitsbeth79.

19. And this rebel.

I lay in bed and close my eyes.

Submitted by carolines4c49345ab

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