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    15 Pictures That Prove Autorickshaw Drivers Have Figured Life Out

    Indian rickshaw drivers always have something to say. Here are some of the rickshawallahs who are doing it right.

    1. This guy, whose tank is filled to the brim with Vin Diesel.

    Let’s hope the other rickshaw drivers don’t get too ‘fures’ about it.

    2. This guy, who isn’t afraid to ask you life’s difficult questions.

    I always knew it. Onions are just heartless.

    3. This guy, who’s not afraid to say it like it is.

    This guy has had enough of your lies. He knows exactly what’s going on back there.

    4. This guy who is at the forefront of cutting edge rickshaw technology.

    This maverick’s ride also comes with custom airbags, Google Maps, and a fully stocked mini bar.

    5. This guy who is praying to the right gods.

    I mean, you’d have to be crazy to mess with the ‘Baap ka Baap’, right? But even he is no match for the next guy on the list.

    6. This guy, who has transcended religion altogether.

    Turns out this guy is also a two-time winner of the annual rickshaw driver poetry slam.

    7. This guy, who believes in free loving. And spean. He believes in spean.

    I have a bad feeling I know exactly what ‘spean’ was supposed to be. No, I am not saying it out loud.

    8. This guy who’s taking the Ramnagar Chakki Waala out of business.

    Never swindle a rickshaw driver. He’s going to drive all around town and ruin you before you know it.

    9. This guy who should probably have his license revoked soon.

    When Gandalf says it, it is cool. When this guy says it, it is just plain scary.

    10. This guy who’s YOLOing a bit too much for a rickshaw driver.

    Seriously, who gives these guys licenses to drive people around in a fast moving object?

    11. This guy who takes a philosophy class in his spare time.

    Probably tops the class too, judging by the sheer depth of his metaphysical knowhow.

    12. This guy who is also the biggest John Cena fan. Well, almost.

    Pretty sure nobody ever messes with this guy. Well, almost.

    13. This guy who went into hiding after India won the World Cup.

    I’ve been told this guy is back in business with a new paint job. Oh, we’ll hunt him down alright.

    14. This guy, who…umm…I’m really not sure.

    By all means, if someone can figure this out, do let me know.

    15. And of course, this guy. The god of autorickshaw graffiti.

    Find this man and make him President of the World. RIGHT NOW.

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