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    30 Jul 2015

    13 Perfect Friendship Day Gifts For Under ₹500

    It's all about knowing your friends.

    1. For the friend who loves their morning coffee, get your favourite picture together printed on a coaster for ₹95.

    2. For the friend who lives, eats and sleeps music, save the day with this earphone winder for ₹499.

    3. For the self-professed bookworm, get this sweet clip-on bookmark with their initials for ₹500.

    4. For the buddy who is a Bollywood buff, enrich their lives with this hilarious book for ₹161.

    5. For the friend who loves doodling or jotting down random thoughts, these pocketbooks for ₹199 are everything.

    6. For the friend who loves drinking, this amazing bottle cap tap will turn them into a raving alcoholic for ₹500.

    7. Alternately, this hangover pillow for ₹499 might also be a very good idea.

    8. For that one friend who can't stop cussing, get this inappropriate mug for ₹430.

    9. For the friend who just won't get off their Playstation, get this perfect poster for ₹340.

    10. For the friend who... listens to a LOT of Bob Marley, this happy box full of assorted goods worth ₹500 is a godsend.

    11. For that friend who is a drama queen (and proud), make them chuckle with this personalised mug for ₹195.

    12. For the friend who loves everything sappy & sentimental, get them one half of this blingy best friend locket for ₹249.

    13. And for the old-school friend, get this classic trendy bracelet for ₹250 and make their day.

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