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11 Facts That Prove India Is Even Stranger Than You Think

Everything from the beautiful to the utterly bizarre.

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Khasi and Jaintia people ply the roots of the trees in the desired direction, after which the process occurs naturally. It can take upto 15 years, but under ideal conditions, the bridges can last for hundreds of years.

The lake is situated over 5,000 metres above sea level. There are many theories and local legends as to how the skeletons ended up there. Radiocarbon dating has determined that the skeletons are at least 1,000 years old.


Birds are likely to be disoriented with wind speed at high altitudes, and they plunge to their death towards the lights and torches of the city. The locals, who once thought the birds were spirits attacking from the sky, would use bamboo poles to beat up the birds as well. This practice has subsided in recent times.


The 200-year-old tree, which is mostly supported by its large number of aerial roots, occupies a gigantic area of about 14,500 square metres. In 1925, the middle of the tree was excised after it became diseased following a lightning strike, which left it as a clonal colony. The tree continues to spread beyond the 330-metre road that was built along its circumference.

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