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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Nov 21, 2014

    10 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Rick & Morty Right Now

    Who would have thought an alcoholic grandpa scientist and his awkward teenage nephew could have so much fun together? Warning: NSFW Language Ahead

    Adult Swim's Rick & Morty has just completed one season on air, but it has already accumulated a massive and dedicated fan following on the internet. With a mix of delightful animation, great voiceovers and absolutely no-holds-barred hilarious adult humour, this sci fi comedy may already be a legend in the making. Here are ten very good reasons why you should catch up before the second season premieres next year:

    1. Its 'Back to the Future', but really really messed up

    The protagonists in 'Back to the Future' were called Doc & Marty. Only Doc wasn’t a raving alcoholic, and 'Back to the Future' wasn’t nearly as bizarre as this show gets.

    2. Rick is a genius, but also a drunk

    Move over, Doctor Who. This drooling, burping madman is the new whiz in town. He drinks- a LOT- and drags his hapless nephew Morty through one misadventure after another. Rick often screws up his experiments due to a beer too many, but his excuses are priceless (Sometimes, Science is more Art than Science).

    3. Morty is a great character too- and a great dancer as well

    Morty almost always gets the short end of the stick whenever he and Rick go about entering portals into new dimensions. However, he often gets the chance to take centre stage, and is an equally lovable character as his heavily inebriated grandfather.

    4. The show can get weird

    In one episode, the family dog turns sentient and turns them all into slaves. In another, Rick and Morty do the entire 'Inception' routine on his math teacher so he can get better grades. As it turns out, math teachers dream about some pretty bizarre stuff.

    5. Really, REALLY weird

    The GIF above is from an episode where Rick cooks Morty up a potion to woo his lady love. However, things obviously go very wrong and everyone around the world turns into giant insects, who are madly in love with Morty. They also want to eat Morty.

    These aren't the kind of cartoons I used to watch. Things really have changed. This is awesome.

    6. The stories are hilarious

    One of the co- creators of Rick & Morty is Dan Harmon, the same guy who created 'Community', so you can rest assured that the humour quotient is set pretty high. You could say the show is a cross between The Simpsons and Futurama, and that's exactly how Harmon describes it.

    7. Characters you won't easily forget

    The characters that pop up on the show are as politically incorrect as it gets, such as the notorious Abradolf Lincoler. He is the result of a failed experiment to combine the minds of Hitler and Lincoln into one, all knowing world leader. Now, he’s just confused.

    8. Did I mention the villains?

    The villains are as crazy as the rest of the show. They include everything from a walking, talking jellybean with a questionable moral compass, to bureaucratic alien mosquitoes trying to blow your head off. If only every villain in every show was as entertaining.

    9. There's more to it than just the humour

    When you really think about it, Rick & Morty isn't just about the drunk grandpa/ helpless nephew combination. It sometimes teaches us valuable lessons about life, being a family, and being a good person in general. Albeit in its own, twisted way.

    10. Its one of the funniest cartoons today

    At the end of the day, watching Rick & Morty means you just won’t be able to stop laughing. Even if you find the premise a bit strange compared to your daily dose of entertainment, give it a shot. Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Oh, and Rick’s catch phrase is “Wubalubadubdub!”. For no good reason.

    Pretty soon, it will be yours too. For no good reason.