An Average Night On The Town In NYC

It’s Friday! Why is there vomit in my cab?

1. So it’s Friday night, and you’re ready to shake off this week’s worth of stress.

2. You think “I’ll head home, relax for a bit, and then head out for a night on the town.”

3. But then your friends hit you up pleading for you to come to the bar…too bad you’re on the Upper East Side and they’re in Chelsea.

4. You decide to go only because you’re in desperate need of a drink at amazing happy hour prices.

5. So you wait an eternity on the train, which is running on a delay

Of course it’s running on a delay…how silly of you to think that it wouldn’t be running on a delay!

6. After a drink or two, you head home to change into more appropriate attire for the night

7. And then there’s always that one friend that wants to go to Brooklyn…

8. Instead, you end up at a bar/club in Meatpacking that’s much more packed than you expected

9. …and why is it so dark?

10. Whatever! You need a drink, and you need it now!

11. But that drink you want cost $17…so you can’t even get as drunk as you want to.

12. Its finally time to go home, but not before stopping by your fave pizzeria/deli/food truck!

13. Okay, time to find a cab in your drunken stupor…and try not to get kidnapped.

14. Finally home! Now you just have to walk up 6 flights of stairs to your drunk haven.

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