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4 Things To Take Away From Beyonce's 4-Sec "Bow Down" Preview

Beyonce released an outrageously short preview of her "Bow Down" video. So, in honor of her affinity for the number "4", lets look at 4 things we took away from her 4-second video clip for a song she released 4 months ago...

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Beyoncé's preview for her "Bow Down" video has got to be shortest attempt at a teaser in music video history. I guess we can check that off the list of things the Grammy-winning artist has accomplished.


After this preview video, I'm convinced that Beyoncé has more control over her facial muscles than the average human being does. Did you see her one nostril twitch? Last time I saw such control was on "Bewitched".


The preview ended with us zooming out of Bey's eye, but this preview offered no real insight into what's next for the singer. Seriously, this single came out 4 months ago and we're just now getting a video...if anything, we're more confused than ever.

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