3 More Things You Totally Missed In Back To The Future

It’s been almost thirty years, but we’re still finding hidden easter eggs in the Back To The Future movies and after the Twin / Lone Pine Mall discovery last week, here are three more things you probably totally missed too!

The initial discovery. Who would have thought the filmmakers were this aware of the details of their very own movie!

1. 1. The Flux Capacitor

That scene where Doc showed Marty the drawing of the flux capacitor?

Here’s a close-up. You will not believe where it ends up!

In the Delorean! It’s the actual device that makes time travel possible!

4. 2. The License Plate

The Delorean has a special license plate.

If you look closer, it says: “OUTATIME” That’s short hand for “OUT OF TIME”

Well, that’s what the whole movie is about! Marty is running OUT OF TIME to get BACK TO THE FUTURE. Incredible!

7. 3. The Clock Tower Flyer

That flyer that Marty gets in the beginning of the movie? The one about saving the clock tower?

It’s the SAME FLYER that Marty gives to Doc in 1955! Wow! Talk about continuity!

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