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10 Reasons You Will Be Totally Fat In 2014

We know, dieting is hard. Finding food like this on the shelf of your local grocery store does not help. You only live once, let's make it covered in chocolate and salty snacks.

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Skittles Desserts


Let's make candy that tastes like other desserts that I will want to eat too. Yes, candy that tastes like raspberry sorbet, strawberry milkshake, key lime pie, blueberry tart, and orange cream.

Chuck E Cheese Cheesy Chicken Nuggets

Via Flickr: theimpulsivebuy

"Here's the plan! We'll take our rodent mascot and have him shill these poor chickens that have been torn apart and combined into these tiny breaded nuggets, then we'll inject this 'cheese' in them. You can't see me, but I just did air-quotes around cheese. Children will kill to eat these."

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