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7 Struggles Of Having Foreign Parents

They might look and talk different but you still love them. Even when they try and negotiate the price of a burger with the cashier at McDonalds.

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1. When your parents speak a different language but try texting in english like your friends

2. Having to explain to your friends why your house smells like the international aisle at Walmart

3. Filling the car with your entire extended family just to go to the store, even if its just for a jug of milk

4. Everyone you know is either your aunt or uncle and guess what?! You're related to only 3 of them

5. Not enrolling you in club sports as a kid because kicking a ripped soccer ball in the yard with your siblings was enough for them

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6. Having to learn to celebrate certain holidays because they didn't in the mother land

7. The struggle of traveling long distances to see distant family, but you see some of the most beautiful places in the world. So thank you mom and dad, we love you.

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