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Unique Makeup Brushes, For Magical Babes!

Peter Pan found his Happy Thought - And we've found yours!

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The Chubby Mermaid brush, has caused quite a splash!

Mermaid Salon / Via

The Mermaid Salon sure know how to take care of all the Mermaid Babes out there, because when you purchase one of these adorable brushes... You also get a free liquid lipstick, valued at $22!

And let's finish this off, with one last product we're waiting for... The Enchanted Flower Brush!

StoryBook Cosmetics / Via

What a game changer! This makeup brush is definitely something special. It's magic & romance combined - A MUST for lovers of fairy tale love stories.

Join the anticipation here

Well, there you have it, you majestic b*tches! Go liquid line on some wings & FLLLYYYYYY!

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