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The Best Totally "Not Racist" Twitter Reactions To The Tim Tebow Trade.

Earlier today it was announced TIm Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, Despite the fact they have Mark Sanchez (who is Mexican-American) at Quarterback. The loud rumbling noise you may have heard this morning, wasn't an earthquake, it was the sound of thousands of witty internet commenters rushing to their computer or smart phone, to be the first to make the completely original,not at all racist, "White guy stealing a Mexican's job" joke. Here is a collection of the most racially sensitive twitter reactions to the Tim Tebow trade.The only question is, if these people are busy on the internet making these brilliant insights, whose watching Fox News or daytime reruns of "Yes Dear"?

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tebow Rex ryan and sanchez are about to start the next Spanish American war; Ryan the American, Tebow the missionary n Sanchez the latino...— B. Smith (@slingbladeBryan) March 21, 2012
What i dont get is why give that mexican all that money to just bring in tebow anyway..— ☛Max Lopez☚ (@Supaflyswaggg) March 21, 2012
Better than a mexican trying to play football RT @AyoPORTER Titans had a better season that the Jets thoughmaybe NY should sign Tebow lmfao— Life Of A Don (@_jordanesque_) March 19, 2012
Just ordered my tim tebow jets jersey ! The jets went for the leadership of a Mexican to Jesus , should be a good year!— Jay Walker (@jaywalker_24) March 21, 2012
Idk which Tebow should be more upset about1.being a jet. 2. Being a backup for a mexican3.being traded for a 4th round draft pick.. LMFAO— Mike DelRio (@DelRio232) March 21, 2012
"@AbundanceErbs: i think tebow should go to the jets. cause samchez aint all dat and a bag of mexican candy" he better than tebow— Vaugn Gatewood (@DutchVonDon) March 21, 2012
Jets or Jags for Tebow?? I would put that lil Mexican Sanchize on suicide alert. Viva las Mexico.— Michael1585 (@MichaelCannillo) March 21, 2012
i've been a jets fan my entire life, but I can't deal with Tebow and the Mexican on my team. One of the other— #EmojiHoe(@NicePersonNia) March 21, 2012
Still not a Tebow fan but anyone is better then that filthy Mexican at this point— Vincent Bueti (@vINCREDIBLE_93) March 21, 2012
Talking down on tebow like mark Sanchez wasn't the worst thing in football last year. We won't win a ring with thy wetback! Get over it!— CHELSEA G. ✈ (@GREENravioli) March 21, 2012
“@Jewinning: Wow! Possible no Tebow to jets! This ruins a lot of jokes!!!”-- cuz I bet Sanchez called his Mexican gang to kill Rex Ryan— Ty Heisey (@Ty3Draper) March 21, 2012
Tebow now being a Jet is very interesting. I look forward to Mark Sanchez getting deported to 2nd string very soon. Tebow>Sanchez— Gag Sudan (@GagamusPrime) March 21, 2012
I am starting a riot to oust marc Sanchez out of the jets and send him back to the Mexican plantation fields. Tim tebow is Jesus Christ— Douglas Goldstein (@DullahPumpsGas) March 21, 2012
border patrol finally caught Sanchez “@TheJetsStream: I've been told that the Jets have legitimate interest in acquiring Tim Tebow. #nfl”— Michael Edwards (@BigMLE) March 20, 2012
Tebow bout to hit sanchez with a taste of his own medicine. White guy taking a job from a mexican lmao!!— TGRIFF (@TIMBO_SL1CE) March 21, 2012
but seriously tho, tebow in the jets? ...finally the tables have turned, a white guy is gonna take a mexican's job— Kayci (@charlieSPUNK) March 21, 2012
Tebow traded to the Jets! Never thought I'd see the day when a white man steals a Mexican's job. LinBow in NYC is the media's wet dream.— Bobby Whang (@TheWhangsta) March 21, 2012
If Tebow goes to the Jets & replaces Sanchez it will be the 1st time in 20 years a white man has taken a job away from a Mexican— JBreezy The Poet (@WatchJ) March 21, 2012
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