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10 Reasons Why Hipsters Were Built For Winter

Who knew that being so "cool " could be so warm?

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1. Military Parkas

Sometimes it's a peacoat, sometimes it's a parka, but it is ALWAYS a military styled peacoat or parka. In the winter it's definitely more likely to be a military coat. This coat comes in many earth tones and is usually lined with flannel or fur.

4. Skinny Pants

This is an obvious one. Pants that are skinny hold in heat, can be tucked neatly into boots (with minimal chance of coming out) so that they don't drag through the snow, and have better aerodynamics against wind. All pants will absorb water if you happen to be in a shit storm, but skinny pants won't weigh you down during the mad commuter dash.

5. Military/Equestrian/Work Boots

Whether its Doc Martens, Hunter or another hardcore boot that hipsters sport during all seasons, it's been proven that these shoes can handle a walk through a knee deep slush puddle that awaits at every crosswalk and most of downtown.

7. Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are a staple to the hipster uniform especially if a person cannot see well. But who am I kidding? Hipsters (usually) have fighter pilot eyesight and (clearly) they are just being tools.

However during winter days, eyeglasses serve as face protection against snow, sleet, or any mix of wintery snot.

+10 points if they are sunglasses, because there's nothing worse than winter glare.

9. All Seasons Beanie

Just like the cocoon scarf, consider investing in a beanie that can be worn during all season. Hipsters have created this beautiful system to keep their hair manageable no matter how terrible the grow out period is. Brilliant!

10. Beards/Long hair

This is what ties everything together. The reason why hipsters don't freeze in this new Ice Age is because they do everything in their power to slay winter, which includes growing out hair. With the added layer of protection underneath a beanie or a scarf, hipsters must be damn geniuses!

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