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    • sharonwrightb

      These are not horror stories. Well, not all of them. Some of them are just a little odd. My freshman roommate asked me to move out because I had the audacity to sit in our room with a friend and listen to music when, according to her intricately detailed daily schedule, I should have KNOWN that this was her STUDY TIME! I later had a roommate who would go out and get drunk every Thursday night and bring home a different guy. I got to know most of our law school class over breakfast on Friday mornings. Then I had a housemate who’s fraternity brother got kicked out on academic expulsion. He decided that since my roommate was a frat brother, he could just move right in. This was a house shared by three grad students, two female and one male. The Frat Boy immediately redecorated the living area with Playboy centerfolds, then went out the first night and came home very drunk with a very drunk girl and proceeded to have very loud and (according to what we could hear) marginally successful sex on our pull-out couch (he had a mattress in the bedroom that he claimed). He repeated the next night with a different girl. We, who had classes the next day, asked him to keep it down and keep his activities to his room, and he just laughed. He also, at one point, walked naked through the other girl’s bedroom in order to use her private shower (she paid extra for the master suite, the rest of us shared the main bathroom). There were other incidents, and when we told him that he had to go, he broke our dishes in the fireplace and woodstove. In the same house, we also (briefly, thankfully) had a grad student girl who stole stuff from the fridge and blamed it on other roommates, and when she left we discovered that she had been making person-to-person phone calls on our house phone (days before cell phones, kiddos) to her boyfriend in London, leaving us with a $400+ phone bill. Fortunately, the college mailed her degree to our house, so we held it hostage until her parents settled up her bill! But even that was just colorful. My husband had even crazier stuff in seminary!

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