32 Signs You Grew Up In The Metro Detroit Area

It has been a sad week for Detroit, but with bankruptcy can come hope of renewal and a fresh start for the city. The Metro-Detroit area includes the city of Detroit and its neighboring suburban counties. This is what people really mean when they say they grew up near Detroit.

1. At least one of your parents worked downtown

2. They probably worked for the Big 3 in some form or another

3. But you acutally lived here

where it actually was relatively safe.

4. You may have referenced 8 mile to describe where you grew up to out of towners.

For example: “You Know 8 mile? Well I grew up on 21 mile and it is nothing like the movie!”

5. You knew all the rich people lived here

6. And all the cool people live or hang out here


7. or here

Royal Oak

8. You know there are two season in Michigan: winter and construction

9. and It always took at least an hour to get downtown

Combination of commuters and construction

10. When you were 12 this made you giggle


11. You would claim to know how to naviagte downtown and that it really wasn’t “that bad”


12. But in actuality, you have only been downtown for a few concerts or sporting events

13. Speaking of which, we still love the Lions despite their stats

14. But at least we could always rely on these teams!

15. You knew that the Detroit Zoo was best zoo ever!

And you tried to visit at least once every summer

16. And the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfeild Village were cool too

17. You had at least one science feild trip here

Cranbrook Museum of Science

18. And you prayed for a feild trip here to see the nudes

Detroit Institute of Arts

19. If you liked pop music you listened to:

and even if you didn’t like pop music, you would still tune in for their awesome morning show: Mojo in the Morning

20. If you like rock music you listened to this:

Even though it was technically a Canadian station.

21. In high school, you were a mall rat because there was nothing better to do.

22. or maybe if you were lucky there was a Metropark nearby

Stony Creek Metropark is my personal favorite

23. But you often ended up just going to the movies or bowling

24. BTW, Canada does not count as a Country

You probably went to Windsor to party as soon as you turned 19.
Fun fact: the city of Windsor is south of Detroit.

25. You vacationed up north

You have been to Mackinaw at least 3 times

26. Maybe you even went hunting

mmmm venison

27. But Despite all of Detroit’s hardships


30. You are still proud to call Detroit home!

even though, it wasn’t even your home….


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