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    • sharonjohnsonp

      My granddaughter passed away 6 years ago, so I can imagine the pain this family is feeling loosing a child at such an early age. For them to share with the world a letter their little girl wrote to be opened in the future was very special. However it so sad that people has used this to vent out their beliefs and have no respect of others, yes I no this is a country of freedom of speech, but freedom of speech should be spoke when it is appropriate, the passing of a innocent child and the grieving parents trying to share a special memory of their child is not the appropriate time to be say harsh things about what she has written, those words should either be spoken with people that share your views and not posted to were the grieving parents or people sending their condolences. My grand daughter drew pictures with words to show her faith and beliefs just before she passed away and I was blown over that she even had grasped on to Faith at her age. I wish people in this world would have the consideration of others before they speak out. And by the way GOD IS A MERCIFUL GOD, THE GOD I SERVE IS A GOOD GOD.

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