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    • Sharkfarts

      I literally just created an account so that I could comment on how absurd, disingenuous, laughably arrogant, and tone deaf this piece is. Instead of suggesting that correlation implies causation and giving Ilyse Hogue credit for everything that has occurred in the last year (did you forget to mention that she personally selected the new pope, too?), why don’t we acknowledge the things that she’s actually had a hand in? Like obstructing the work of NARAL state affiliates that have been working hard for the pro choice movement for years, interfering with delicate existing in-state relationships with tactless and ill-timed email blasts, and jeopardizing the vital work those on the ground in states where reproductive rights are at risk struggle to do without adequate funding (which Ilyse’s national organization doesn’t see fit to furnish?)? This piece is an embarrassment.

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