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Certainly, both Microsoft Word Document and PDF formats are the most common document formats on the globe. It is also true that each has its own pros and cons. The question on most people's minds is this, "Which is the best format to use for your document?" An honest answer would be that it depends with the situation. There are times it is appropriate to use PDF, while there are situations that require you to use Word. If you receive a document in PDF, converting it to Word and the other way round is easy. Here is an excellent method you can use to do the conversion.

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The easiest way to do the conversion is to use Adobe Acrobat if you have installed it in your PC or laptop. To achieve this, run Adobe Acrobat on your computer, click file and then open. Choose the file you wish to convert then click open. At this point, you have two options to convert the file. You can click file then save as. Go to the drop-down menu that is next to format, select Microsoft Word Document then save. Alternatively, you can click on file, then export and then choose Word Document. A new window will pop up. Name that document and save.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can still convert PDF documents into Word if you have access to the web. It is possible to use a free online converter to change the format into Word. You do not need to download any program or install it on your computer. The only thing you will do is save the converted document into your PC or laptop. You ought to be careful when choosing an online program.

Documents in PDF format are the best when it comes to online content, legal documents, archiving and combining various formats. Nevertheless, you cannot be able to edit a document that is in PDF format nor use any of the images. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of changing documents from PDF to Word is that you are able to edit the document. This allows you to make any changes if necessary. Microsoft Word is also a Word Processor, which means it processes the document making corrections on spelling, sentence structure and so forth. Word also allows you to extract images easily if you wish to re-use them.


The abbreviation "PDF" stands for "Portable Document Format". It is a file format which is used to present documents in a compatible way that supports application software, hardware and various operating systems. All PDF files sustain a complete description of a fixed layout document, which may include text, graphics, fonts and other information needed to be displayed.

PDF was introduced in the early 1990s by Randy Adams. It was developed as a way of sharing documents which may include text formatting and online images among computer users across various platforms. The PDF specification was made free of charge in 1993 by Adobe Systems. It competed with formats like DjVu, Envoy and now it is the most popular among them. Its old competitors are now outdated.

There are several free online websites that provide free services to convert a PDF file. You can visit any of them and covert your desired file whenever you want. First, go to the internet and search for any PDF to Word free converter. Here are the steps you can follow.


### Visit any PDF converting website on Google. There are lots of free websites available to get this job done.

### Go to any of those websites.

### The interfaces are mostly the same.

### Select your PDF file. Then select the convert type you want.

### After selecting the desired format press "start" converting.

### Once done, it will automatically ask you to save.


### Most free sites offer basic features.

### Some of them don't save the files automatically. You have to do that manually.

### Some free sites offer a limited time trial. Then, it will tell you to use their paid version.

By following these steps, you can easily convert a PDF file.

Besides following the free method, there are some advanced options available also. For example, if you want to use some fancy features, you will have to use an advanced converting method. There are sites that do not convert PDF documents to Word files, but they let you edit the PDF file directly without publishing it again. Here is a list of pros and cons that are given below.


### You can edit the PDF document in various ways. You can edit contents that include text and images. You can also split and insert pages in documents according to your priorities.

### You can add comments or edit them. It also allows you to edit the pages.

### You can organize the PDF page layout according to your requirements.

### You can enrich the quality of PDF by changing the background.

### You can add watermarks.

### There is a great variety of security options available for use. You can set a password to open files. You can also set permission passwords.


### These sites do offer you a free version. However, the free version included only the basic features. You will have to purchase a paid version if you want full functionality.

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