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Which Lovely Lady Of Cushing 114 Are You Most Like?

You know you wanna find out.

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  1. It's 11 pm on a Saturday night! Where are you?

    In bed online shopping for accent chairs because you are middle-aged at heart
    Dancing on someone's couch
    Rushing home from work to get ready for a fun night out
    Heading straight to the DJ to request a Kanye song that you know every single word of
  2. Your least favorite curse word is...

    All of them
    The B word (and all gendered insults)
    The F word (until you get angry, and then you seem to forget...)
    ...what's wrong with cursing?
  3. Time to get your fitness on! You can be found...

    Loving life at your 5:30 AM spin class
    Killing it at Bhangra practice
    Making plans to go to the gym but never actually making it there
  4. You're totally guilty of...

    Yelling at people to recycle and/or turn the faucet off when they’re washing dishes but not using the water
    Asking people to please lower their voices because contrary to popular belief, the study rooms on the second floor of the library are NOT sound proof
    Accidentally setting off the fire alarm for burning oil while cooking (you now have PTSD)
    Unintentionally causing a girl to face plant into a wall because you left your boots laying out
  5. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, it'd be...

    Pad Thai
    Chicken Curry
    Egg Tomato Curry
  6. People know you're close by when they hear...

    "It's just a social construct."
    "Oh, bananas!"
  7. What's your go-to karaoke song?

    "Dancing Queen" by ABBA
    "Power" by Kanye West
    "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten
    "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners
  8. What motto do you live by?

    "You do you"
    "Love until it hurts"
    "Make the world feel at ease around you"
    "Attitude is everything"
  9. You look up to...

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Saint Teresa of Calcutta
    Saint Teresa of Calcutta
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe
  10. If you could eliminate one thing from this world, it would be...

    Drivers who tailgate
    Laptops that die on you in the middle of class
    Bras and allergies
    The Patriots (read: Tom Brady)
  11. Pick a shoe:

  12. Someone gives you a compliment. You respond:

    "Omg stahp, you are TOO sweet"
    By giving them a kiss on the head
    "Thanks, babe"
    "Reeeallly?? Thaaaaanks!!"
  13. What's your type?

    Middle-aged philosophy professors
    Gym rats
    Super-involved RAs
  14. What superlative best describes you?

    Most athletic
    Best dancer
    Fastest talker/softest voice
    Most like a parent

Which Lovely Lady Of Cushing 114 Are You Most Like?

You got: Priyanka

Known for speaking softly and quickly, you can definitely hold your own when it comes to discussing issues you’re passionate about, like politics, human rights, the environment, and feminism (just to name a few). You are highly empathetic with a bottomless heart, and you are always willing to listen and help out someone in need. People love being with you because they know that you’re always up for a fun adventure, especially if it involves any excuse to be dancing! When you’re not checking nutrition labels for one of your allergies or promoting the app, “Plant Nanny,” you can be found looking into new eco-friendly health hacks while drinking tea in your bathrobe at home.

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You got: Sharon

When you aren’t running the show and impressing all the underclassmen with your inspirational speeches, you can be found relaxing in bed with a good book or talking with friends till 3 in the morning about anything and everything (from pop culture to spirituality!). You have a grandma’s soul but somehow manage to hold your ground with all these crazy kids nowadays. You are kindhearted and maternal and can always be counted on to be there in others’ times of need. Passionate about the various causes you are involved with, your dedication to do the very best at all that you do is inspiring.

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You got: Jess

Known for your filled-to-the-brim schedule, you thrive on being busy---it just doesn’t feel right if you have free time! You work multiple jobs, manage to workout on the reg, slay at school, remain active with your favorite charitable organization, aaaand still have a killer social life. It’s honestly not fair. Despite all of this, you’re still known for being one of the friendliest and bubbliest girls on campus! Driven by your wide-reaching heart and your deep curiosity for the world, you never want to stop travelling and serving communities in need.

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You got: Nicole

People love your smiley self because you always have something nice to say and could literally befriend a rock. You love deeply and passionately, and you are always trying to make sure that your friends and family are happy and healthy. Everyone who knows you describes you as sweet, outgoing, and unbelievably caring. Known for being very well coordinated, you love tearing up the dancefloor or the stage with your skills, preferably to a song by your favorite rapper…yes, you love Kanye *almost* as much as Kanye loves Kanye. When you’re not arguing with a Patriots fan over the disaster that is Tom Brady or running off to bhangra practice, you can be found at home, simultaneously catching up with friends on the phone and changing into sweatpants.

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