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9 People Share How Their Self-Care Has Evolved Since Last Year

The Unwinding by Sharecare app can help you manage stress, build better habits, and incorporate mindfulness into your life. Here are some real-life examples of how self-care can include mindfulness and intentionality.

1. Be aware that the small moments of your life can be intentional self-care.

Young child hugging mom.

2. Rather than striving for a goal, think of your exercise routine as a time to be present and mindful.

3. A hobby is a perfect way to quiet your mind and stay in the moment.

Coffee being poured into cup.

4. Give yourself the opportunity to unwind with regular journaling.

5. Focusing on making positive choices for your day and for your living environment.

Woman hanging festive lights.

6. Instead of trying to distract yourself, create new habits that allow you to quiet yourself and focus inward.

7. Understand that true self-care isn't about relaxation. It's about making intentional choices.

Calm woman surrounded by plants looking out the window.

8. Focusing on a pet is a great way to help you be present and in the moment.

9. Understand that breaking the cycle of anxiety involves intentionally setting aside time to be with yourself.

Happy woman outdoors.

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