Gangs Of New York: Dog Edition

A modern day Five Points… with pooches.

1. Gangs of canine criminal masterminds own the streets of NYC.

2. They’re so intimidating people will avoid eye contact when they pass them in the street.

3. Some of the gangs have special uniforms. So flashy!

4. But most of them like to keep a low profile

5. They never use cell phones to make their shady deals. The FBI could be listening.

6. And they meet in parks so they can spot the cops on their tail.

7. The big bosses ride around in fancy cars.

8. And they hire big thugs to walk a few steps behind them for protection.

9. They’ll offer you a loan, but if you don’t pay them back…

10. …they’ll wait outside your apartment to collect their money.

11. Or even worse…they’ll be waiting inside your apartment! RUN!

12. If you know what’s good for you, don’t mess with these maniacs!

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