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    18 Organisational Products To Help You Make Full Use Of A Small Wardrobe

    Make your wardrobe feel as large as the one that leads to Narnia!

    1. If you never use your hanger space, fill it with these hanging shelves that'll work as extra storage for all your folded clothes - ₹358. It's foldable and compact so you can store it when it's not in use.

    2. And if you don't have much hanging space, stock up on 5 layer hangers which you can use to hang multiple clothing items on while using minimum space - ₹169. This is especially great to hang jeans, trousers and skirts.

    3. Manage your tendency to shove clothes in the wardrobe by hanging these multi-purpose mesh bags (set of 3) that can hold all the miscellaneous clothes that don't have an assigned spot - ₹270

    4. Save space and organise your scarves and belts with this ring slot organiser that can hold so much while taking up only one hanger's space in the wardrobe - ₹284

    5. Organise your drawers with these drawer dividers (set of 4) to sort your socks and lingerie so you don't have to dig deep when you're looking for something - ₹474

    6. If you get annoyed every time your freshly ironed shirts get crumpled in the clumsy piles you make in the wardrobe, buy these shirt stacker bins (set of 2) that'll help keep them in place - ₹201. They'll also help save space and minimise any spill overs!

    7. Or get this ergonomic folding board rack where you can store all your ironed shirts and access them easily without having to take the whole stack out - ₹719

    8. Add a couple of closet separators in your bigger shelves so you can make sections in your wardrobe and make sure your tops and bottoms don't get all mixed up - ₹299

    9. Add shelf space to the larger sections in your wardrobe by attaching this shelf basket that is an easy and economical solution that requires no drilling - ₹449

    10. Add this hanging shelf organizer to the wardrobe door or in the hanging space so you have more compartments for accessories or shoes - ₹549

    11. Easily install this over-the-door hook set to hang used clothes or robes to access easily - ₹299. It can be hung on the inner or outer side of the wardrobe door and requires no hammers or drills to install!

    12. Use these storage baskets on your shelves (set of 6) or in the drawers to store makeup and skincare products - ₹519. This way, you can grab a particular basket when you need something instead of rummaging in the shelves.

    13. If you have a significantly large jewellery collection, organise it in this storage box that has 36 compartments to make sure the necklaces never get tangled and you never misplace a pair of earrings - ₹220

    14. Get your hands on a pack or two of these multi-purpose command hooks that you can easily install on the door of the wardrobe to hang accessories - ₹155. It comes off clean so you don't need to worry about damaging the wardrobe in any way.

    15. Use a command hook to hang this wardrobe organiser that you can use to store all your jewellery, socks, belts and makeup - ₹235. This way all your small goods will have an assigned spot and you'll never lose anything!

    16. If you're really short on storage space use these vacuum pump and storage bags to efficiently reduce the space used and stow away any clothes that are being saved for special occasions - ₹749

    17. Reduce the amount of space your shoes take up in the wardrobe by using these shoe organisers (12 pieces) that'll free up half the space for other uses - ₹949

    18. Finally, slip these under-bed storage bags (pack of 2) under your wardrobe or on top of it to store excess seasonal clothing or anything you don't reach for often - ₹383