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    14 Items To Complement Your Laptop And Increase Your Efficiency

    A one time investment for a lifetime of productivity!

    1. This compact and foldable laptop table comes with a noiseless fan that'll keep it cool the whole day, regardless of how long your work hours are - ₹1,499

    2. You can also prop this handy laptop stand on your desk to make sure you don't ruin your posture while working - ₹849

    3. If you're too restless to sit in one place while you work, buy this portable laptop table with a handy cup holder that you can move to different areas in your workplace or at home - ₹1,499

    4. Buy a laptop sleeve that has many pockets to store your charger and cables without being worried about anything getting lost - ₹499

    5. A cleaning kit is an essential addition to make sure your laptop is always dust-free and smudge-free - ₹379

    6. Get a keyboard protector so you can get your caffeine fix without worrying about any spills and marks - ₹200

    7. Invest in a 1.5 TB hard drive so you're never short on storage and can back up all your important files as you work - ₹4,099

    8. If you work better in organised chaos, get a cable holder for your desk so you don't have to worry about losing a cord in the clutter - ₹299

    9. These webcam covers are a budget friendly way to ensure complete privacy while working - ₹229

    10. Buy some anti-glare glasses to reduce strain on your eyes and manage sensitivity while you put in the hours at work - ₹749

    11. This compact LED light is USB powered and can be used on those nights when you need to burn the midnight oil to meet your deadlines - ₹46

    12. This 4-in-1 kit will give you everything you need to keep your laptop clean and safe at all times - ₹449

    13. Splurge on a pair of JBL wireless noise-cancelling headphones so you can complete all your assignments without unnecessary interruptions - ₹5,999

    14. This travel gadget bag can also be used as an organiser on your desk so you don't waste time looking for your accessories - ₹499

    Now nothing can stop you from meeting your deadlines!