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    15 Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

    Make your time in the kitchen more efficient and fun!

    1. Buy this handy kitchen press so you can experiment with making your own namkeen snacks instead of buying them - ₹329

    2. Replace your basic egg-beater with this hand blender that requires zero power and is easy to use - ₹195

    3. Get this electric rice cooker if you can't be bothered with keeping a check on your rice while it boils on the stove and then draining the excess water- ₹1,349. Just take the easy way out!

    4. Peeling a carrot or potato is one of the most annoying tasks in the kitchen, reduce your stress with this smart peeler that'll create no mess - ₹300

    5. These 5 layer scissors are the answer to all your dhaniya chopping woes - ₹379. Use it to easily chop herbs and greens to reduce your prep stress!

    6. Chopping vegetables would be fun if you had half the skills of a Masterchef contestant but since you're simply not there to say the least, invest in this vegetable chopper that'll do the job for you - ₹269

    7. This multipurpose chopper is the one kitchen gadget you need to chop, mash, grate and peel fruits and vegetables - ₹449

    8. If you hate getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, get this automatic atta maker that you can simply add the flour, water and oil to, for the softest dough - ₹329

    9. This bullet blender is a mixer, grinder, juicer, and chopper all in one - ₹1,998. Use it to make perfect high quality green smoothies and protein shakes to stay on that fitness grind!

    10. This stove-top toaster is an economical alternative to an electric sandwich-maker and will help you elevate your regular breakfast - ₹440

    11. Become a meal-prep queen with this sprout maker with which you can make sure you have fresh produce for your meals each week - ₹187

    12. If you're on a high-protein diet, get this electric egg maker to make perfectly soft boiled eggs - ₹347. It'll help you make 7 eggs at a time so you can prep your protein intake and then store it for the day.

    13. This cool milk frother will help you brew the perfect cup of coffee so you stop fantasising about a fancy overpriced cup from a cafe you can't visit right now - ₹999

    14. Use this spiral cutter to create your own fried snacks for that street food feeling right at home - ₹229

    15. Finally, if you've been baking a lot while you're home, you should splurge on a kitchen weighing scale for all those complicated recipes that need precise measurements for the best results - ₹495