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    16 Useful Items To Give Your Bathroom A Modern Upgrade

    Every room in your home deserves a little TLC!

    1. Cute shower curtains are an instant trick to beautify your bathroom. Choose from this green chevron pattern - ₹699 or the grey tile print - ₹589

    2. If you prefer a more understated look, pick a sheer style that'll do the job and keep the theme neutral like this striped - ₹499 or pebble pattern - ₹236 one.

    3. Replace your boring bathroom shelves with this sleek mirrored cabinet that'll keep your products out of sight - ₹1,753

    4. Alternatively, you can go for this white cabinet if it fits your bathroom colour scheme better - ₹1,549

    5. Replace a cheap plastic shelf with this modern metal design that is rust and corrosion resistant - ₹305

    6. Invest in a handy storage rack so you never have to worry about your towel or clothes getting wet - ₹1,044

    7. Get rid of your basic round shower heads and replace them with these modern square shaped ones instead. Choose between the hand shower - ₹250 or overhead shower - ₹325

    8. Get this anti-slip bath mat set that is attractive and useful, adding brightness to the space - ₹499

    9. These colourful soap dishes (pack of 4) have a double layer design that makes draining water and cleaning easy - ₹399. It has a strong adhesive sticker so it's very easy to install as well!

    10. These pastel leaf design soap dishes (pack of 3) also work just the same with their nifty draining trays - ₹199

    11. Upgrade to a push button soap dispenser to get a feeling of luxury in your own home - ₹255

    12. Or buy this crystallised soap dispenser for a premium look and feel - ₹369

    13. Choose this bright ceramic bathroom set to inject a bit of colour in your bathroom - ₹929

    14. For a more neutral look, pick this speckled and wood pattern ceramic set that'll add a touch of class - ₹1,349

    15. Buy this shower speaker so you can go from bathroom singer to karaoke star - ₹299

    16. And finish off by adding a patterned tile sticker to the bathroom to give it an instant upgrade without breaking the bank - ₹499

    You deserve the bathroom of your dreams!