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    14 Décor Items Under ₹1000 That'll Make Your Home Super Fancy

    You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to renovate your home!

    1. This geometric hanging pendant light fixture will be an enviable addition to any room in your home and is an absolute steal at - ₹990

    2. Add this stylish and sleek gold geometric wine rack to give your expensive wines a place of pride in your at-home bar - ₹795

    3. Hanging warm copper string lights all over your home will give it an Instagram-worthy aesthetic vibe that your favourite bloggers always go for - ₹299 The copper wires also make it look fancier than regular fairy lights.

    4. These seemingly simple wall brackets will add that bit of extra flair when you're hanging lamps or house plants - ₹252 especially in your balcony!

    5. A replica of a gramophone will add a vintage feel to your home, making it appear more sophisticated - ₹279. It's a bestseller with 1000+ positive reviews on Amazon!

    6. Hang this metal grid on the wall to display photos, artwork, show tickets and memories from holidays - ₹799 to add a personal touch to the room. Bonus: It'll be a great background for your Instagram selfies!

    7. Stick this marble effect vinyl sticker on your counter tops or kitchen table to give it an instant upgrade at a fraction of the price of real marble - ₹269

    8. Set the table with these fancy jute table mats (pack of 4) that are available in multiple designs - ₹349

    9. Replace your plastic serve-ware with these classy wooden serving trays (set of three) that'll impress every guest that comes over for chai - ₹470

    10. An upside down rack for your glasses in the kitchen will make it look like a fancy restaurant bar - ₹445. You'll look so cool sliding the glasses out for your party guests!

    11. A rustic wood and metal shelf on your kitchen wall will make it look more put together and will also give you additional storage space - ₹799

    12. This rich blue carpet will be the talking point of your home with its intricate embroidered pattern and soft feel - ₹615

    13. 3D acrylic mirror stickers (pack of 20) are a stunning design element that will add a whole new dimension to your room, making it appear larger - ₹269

    14. Buy this unique bamboo planter and hang it in your living room - ₹209. It won't matter if you even put a fake plant in it since the planter itself will become a conversation starter and garner many compliments!